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Welcome To Burl Daniel Associates

Burl Daniel, CPCU, CIC, CRM
Insurance Expert Witness


Burl Daniel Insusrance Witness

Mr. Daniel is engaged as a Property and Casualty Insurance Expert Witness working with both defense and plaintiff attorneys.  A list of his Expert Cases can be viewed here.  His career includes wide exposure to all the lines of Property and Casualty insurance listed on our site map.

Mr. Daniel’s insurance career began in 1973 while attending the University of Texas where he graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Insurance.  His background includes serving as a corporate risk manager and Adjunct Professor of Insurance with two Texas universities.  He worked full time as a retail insurance agent from 1979-2004, and was an agency principal from 1981-2004. 

Our trademarks are responsiveness to attorney inquiries, depth of insurance knowledge and attention to detail.  We believe attorneys and their clients receive added value when our decades of experience facilitates efficient review of case documents.

We believe our attorney clients deserve objective assessment of insurance issues, whether favorable or detrimental to their case.  Credibility with juries and the courts is the end result of our thorough case analysis, independent research as needed, and evaluation focused on insurance issues specific to your case.  

We also offer expertise with Business Insurance to assist you with coverage portfolio review, policy construction, claims negotiation, and corporate risk management.

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